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Facely HD for Facebook + Social Apps app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 96 ratings )
Social Networking Lifestyle
Developer: G-Whizz! Apps, LLC
Current version: 4.0.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Jan 2011
App size: 20.39 Mb

Tired of your old Facebook app? Facely HD has been completely redesigned to give you all that you love about Facebook, plus access to your favorite social apps - such as Instagram and ESPN - all in one convenient place! The app color theme even changes to match the app you’re using!

• Access Instagram, ESPN, Gmail, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin and more!
• Browse your live feed
• Comment on posts
• Upload photos
• Share links
• Watch videos
• Plus much, much more

Features unlocked when you buy the paid version:
• No ads!
• Unlimited colors!

This app and content herein is © 2010-2015 G-Whizz! Apps, LLC. All rights reserved. G-Whizz!™ and the G! logo™ are trademarks of G-Whizz! Apps, LLC. Certain other trademarks and copyrights referenced in the app are the property of their respective owners.

Pros and cons of Facely HD for Facebook + Social Apps app for iPhone and iPad

Facely HD for Facebook + Social Apps app good for

I like it! It is more stable than FBs own app, which keeps locking up on me. I wish it would load quicker. Also wish it would go straight to my news feed page rather than the home that to me is pointless, unless Im missing something...... However, easy to use, reliable and clear . Thanks for Facely!
It would be even better if I could access my groups and my pages. Please add this feature. Love how you can change the colors. Please add groups and pages! Otherwise its awesome!
Seems perfect so far and does things I could no longer do on the original FB app. Great!
But the hassle to rate it from the very beginning has been very annoying, how can one determine if an app is worth 5 stars after a single use? Significantly more responsive than the Facebook app on my original iPad.
Thank you guys for making such an amazing app. Its so much better than the regular Facebook app. The other one is crap. This us amazing. Thank you! This deserves more views so people can see how great it is.
Asks to review before I started using it. But Ill give it a go!

Some bad moments

...tried and tried but no login. Disappointing. Update needed urgently.
good but the chat not working for me !! ................... iphone 4g
When u delete items they appear to come back in this app. But if u look at other versions of fb, its gone. Weird. If you go into settings and delete messages (conversations) from that area, They are still showing when I click Messages in the app.
Installs fine, when it asks me to allow Facely to access my Profile etc. I cant even reach the OK/Allow because it so far down it wont show up, hence the program wont run. I use a iPad 3rd Gen GSM model Ive obviously tried standing it up the straight way etc scrolling down nothing works. I would fix this immediately. Nice software though when it did work.
It wont allow me to authorize the app. The only option that shows up is the switch user button
I had to revoke my 5 stars because this app has become very slow to pull updates or display pictures. Even on my home wireless which is fast for everything else, email, web surfing, etc... Its been like this for over a month across multiple updates, this needs to be fixed or ill have to find a new app.

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